Monday, August 6

Nika And Sindee Jennings In A Wild Lesbian Scene

Hey everyone, it's Sindee again. Guess what! My favorite piece of pussy is back in my face again. Nika brings her big breasts into my lair, and this time, there's nobody between us. Get ready for 20 more minutes of epic muff-diving in this gonzo lesbian madness that I call 'the best job ever!' We munch on each other's tits and do everything else that comes natural to sluts like us...

Wednesday, June 20

Sindee's Outdoor Masturbation Gets Interrupted By Real Cock

Yesterday, I tried to wash the car but ended up getting horny and masturbating instead. Weeeell this time I got caught masturbating. Like, really caught. A really hot guy walked right up beside me while my hand was on my pussy, and oh my gosh was that exactly what I needed. My fantasy literally came true while I was having the fantasy. He had a friendly mouth and kissed me all over. He ate my pussy with my legs around his neck, and then we fucked on the driveway. Yum!

Monday, May 21

Sindee Jennings Gets Dicked By Black Dude

They say that bigger is better, but these guys are so big that their huge, black cocks must be the best sex toys ever. And these chicks agree, they love to stretch their mouths to try to suck on those massive ebony dicks, then spread their legs wide open to cram in every throbbing inch. They really love those big, black beasts.

Tuesday, March 27

Threesome With Lexi Belle And Sindee Jennings

Hey guys! I invited over Sindee Jennings and Johnny Castle over to shoot a Valentine's Day video. Before we shot the video though, we had to get ready and put on our clothes and whatnot. We started shooting a Photo Set first... want to see it?

Monday, January 22

Sindee Jennings Interracial Pickups

My ride was in the shop which meant the white bitches would be coming to me. Sindee Jennings got the impression that I was an agent for mainstream modeling which was a downright lie. I was only casting for my private collection of interracial porn. Initially Sindee was reluctant which I found funny because she's fucked on camera before. She's one of these white girls who want to go on to other things. Sindee went on and on about wanting to model bikinis or something like that. I wasn't too sure because my mind was too busy thinking of how I could get her fucking on camera at least once more. I spilled some game to her and it wasn't too long before she was showing me that bomb ass body. I told her this video interview would be for my own collection but, as you can see, that wouldn't be the case. Anyways, Sindee Jennings showed me her goods and wasted no time in gobbling my big black cock until my balls smacked her chin. I could tell right away that she hadn't lost her slutty ways when she sucked and jerked my big black cock while her beautiful eyes locked in on me. Sindee's mouth felt great which meant her pussy must be off the chain! My newest addition to my collection bent over and slid my entire black baloney deep inside that wet pussy. Sindee rode down my black shaft as if it were a fire pole and her screaming nearly caused me to lose my hearing. The bitch managed to squirt seconds after my cock was in her and I just had to keep pounding that honey pot. She got face down and ass up when I fucked her from behind. The image of her beautiful ass stretching as her pussy was getting drilled will be burned in my head forever. We ended our interracial fuck time when my country gravy made the journey from my balls, through my 12 inches and deep inside Sindee's birth canal. I better change my cell number.... just in case.

Thursday, November 9

Sindee Soaks In Soapy Water And Diddles Herself

It's really hard for me to concentrate on anything when I'm horny, and I'm ALWAYS horny. So when I went outside to wash the car, someone noticed I had forgotten all about the actual car and was out there washing myself! I got a great tan this week and just loved the look of the water making my skin glisten in the sun. But that's not the only kind of  "wet" I was getting out there.

Monday, July 24

Sindee Jennings Blacks On Blondes

Sindee is just like every white babe... bored, looking for some fun and thrills. What she would really like to have is her fill of black dick, 3 big ones ought to fill the bill! To prepare her pink tight pussy for this boner overload, she starts out the scene warming it up with her favorite vibrator. All of a sudden, Mount Vesuvius eprupts righ between her shapely legs... that's right, Sindee is a squirter! Not just a squirter, she would qualify as a first class fire extinguisher. Now we know that this is going to be a messy shoot! So the 3 lads come out to an already dripping cooze, and Sindee drops to her knees and starts applying lipgloss to black dickheads. Then the fun begins, they each take a turn at poking that gusher, and as they pull out, she unleashes another torrent of girl jizz. Wes always has to push things, and with a bit of cajoling, manages to talk her into a double vag penetration, and then she really lets loose. The highlight of this scene is when she starts another round of shooting, and takes aim at her own face, and not only gives herself a facial, she shows off by coming in her own mouth! Once she's tasted the fruits of orgasm, she wants more, and begs them to each blow a load in her mouth, and she eats the entire smorgasbord of climax fluids, including her own!